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Lombok Amazing Tour 4 Day

Get amazing experience with our company for enjoyed your  trip at lombok island to join Lombok  amazing tour for 4 day and 3 nigt to explore Lombok’s island. visiting  amazing ‘’ SENDANG GILE’’ waterfall ‘and’TIU KELEP‘’waterfall as located  under  the foot of the Mountain ‘’RINJANI’’. and also enjoyed  unspoiled of amazing panorama  underwater of three  Gillis as located at the north of lombok island with underwater view will pleasing  your eyes , and you will Get chance swimming with friendly turtle . This tour will invite you to interacting with sasak tribe and you will see the their lifestyle and culture and make your holiday at lombok'S island unforgettable, find below detail for package tour information.


Lombok Amazing Tour  4 Day-3 Night 
Star/Finish : Airport Lombok Internasional 
Tour Kode : LT-LAT-4D
Tanggal  : Flexible/at your own date 




-09.00-09.25: Arrival at Lombok Airport meet and warm greeting from Lombok Traveling Tour Staff and welcome gift Selendang cloth from Lombok for your coming to Lombok and drive to Sukarere Village
-09.25-10.00: Reached at Sukerare Village and explore the weaving village and witness the process of making hand weaving and invite to use Lombok costume for photograph also the weaving you may buy for your souvenir and impressing for visited Lombok island
-10.00-10.30: Leave weaving village and drive to Sade Village
-10.30-11.00: Reached Desa Village and welcome with local guide then invite to explore tradional sasak ethnic group and telling the story of sade village and also at this village you may find the tradional dance call stick fighting dance
-11.00-11.30: Leave sade village then drive to Lombok Mandalika Circuit
-11.25-12.00: Reached at Mandalika Circuit photograph as your impressing to visiting Mandalika Circuit as biggest and best motor GP circuit in Indonesia
-12.00-12.15: After enough to photograph in Mandalika Circuit and drive to Restaurant Segara anak for Lunch with Indonesia menu
-12.15-13.30: Reached at segara anak Restaurant and enjoying the lunch time at Segara Anak Kuta Lombok Restaurant ( Menu : Stime Rice , Vegetable Soup, yellow cooked Fish, Chiken kalasan , Saute Tempeh, Pelcing Kangkung, Topu , kicker, Lombok Sauce Fresh Fruit , Mineral water )
-13.30-14.00: After Lunch enjoying and explore Mandalika Bach as our restaurant for lunch located in front of the beach
-14.00-14.20: Leave the beach and visiting Seger hill
-14.20-15.00: Reached Seger Hill and enjoying the view of Mandalika circuit track and you may photograph with mandalika circuit Track also enjoying a beautiful Mandalalika Beach and Indian ocean beach from the seger hill
-15.00-15.20: Leave Seger Hill and drive to Merese Hill
-15.20-16.00: Reached Merese Hill enjoying a beautiful of Indian Ocean View and also this hill is a best point for enjoying Sunset
-16.00-18.00: Leave Merese hill and drive to Ayam Taliwang Restaurant for Dinner
-18.00-19.30: Dinner at Ayam Taliwang Restaurant ( Menu: Stime Rice, Grill Chicken Taliwang, Vegetable Soup , fried Tempe /Tahu, Pelecing kangkung, young coconut Ice /Orange juice/Ice tea)
-19.30-20.00: After dinner escorting to the Hotel
-20.00-20.00: check in Hotel and resting

NOTED:  the schedule for the first day with arrival in Lombok at 10.00 am/11.00 am/11.45/12.00pm and 13.00 pm you can still connect with the first day's program

MealLunch and Dinner



-07.00-08.00 : Breakfast at Hotel 
-08.00-08.30 : Pick up with friendly tour guide and drive to  Baun Pusuk / Monkey Pusuk Forest
-08.30-09.00 : Reached mongkey forest and feeding friendly mongkey with banana also you may enjoying view of three gilis 
-09.00-11.00 : Leave monkey forest and drive to senaru village 
-11.00-13.00 : Reached Senaru village and welcome wirh friendly local tour guide for Explore Sendang Gile & Tiu Kelep Waterfall  and  enjoying a beautiful of Sendang gile and Tiue kelep Waterfall 
-13.00-14.30 : Lunc h at  Restaaurant  Pondok senaru (Menu: Stime Rice, Vegetable Soup, Fried Chicken, Fried Mix vegetable, Fried prawn, Omelet, Lombok sauce  , Ice/warm Tea/orange juice, & Fresh Fruit)
-14.30-15.00 : After lunch and drive to  Old Mosque Bayan 
-15.00-15.30 :Reached Old mosque bayan meet with friendly local guide and explore the old mosque while telling the story of Old Mosque Bayan 
-15.30-18.00 : Leave the mosque and drive to  Malimbu Hill  for enjoying a beautuful sunset 
-18.00-19.30 : Dinner at Yessy Restaurant ( Menu Sea Food : Steam Rice,Grill Fish, Floured fried Shirm, Spice Sauce clames, Squid oyster Sauce , cap-cay, omelet, kicker, Lombok Sauce Fresh Fruit, Orange Juice/ice tea/young coconut ice and mineral water)
-19.30-20.00 : After dinner and transfer to hotel and the end of program

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner  



-07.00-08.00: Breakfast at Hotel 
-08.30-09.50: Pick up with friendly tour guide and drive to Tawun harbor for getting boat sailing to Gili Nanggu 
-09.50-10.00: Get on the boat and sailing to  Gili  Nanggu
-10.00-11.00: Reached Gili Nanggu and snorkeling enjoying underwater view find varity of fish and you may swiming with nemo fish also fish feeding while photographed and vidoe  
-11.00-11.15: Continue to sailing to Gili Sudak for lunch 
-11.15-12.00: Reached Gili Sudak and lunch already serve 
-12.00-13.30: Lunch at Nirwana Restaurant Menu: ,Stime Rice , Grill fish, Freid Shime, Squid oyster sauce, Fried Noodles,  Fried max vegetable, Kicker, Lombok Sauce , young coconut, &  Fresh Fruit )
-13.30-13.40:Leave Gili Sudak and sailing to Gili Kedis
-13.40-14.30: Getting at Gili Kedis and Explore enjoying of charming a small island with beautifull white sand beach and this island look like love island from up stir photographed and vidoe as impressing 
-14.30-15.00: After  feel enough explore Gili Kedis and sailing back to Tawun harbor and car already waiting for transfer to next destination 
-15.00-16.20: Leave harbor and drive pass through Banyumulek village as Pottery center handcraft and you may stop over for visiting or other option visiting to shopping center like Lombok Excotic Shop as our restaurant for dinner and before dinner you may explore to see the souvenir at this shop while waiting to time dinner 
-18.00-19.00: Dinner at  Lombok Excotic Restaurant ( Menu:,Stem Rice, beef cow blackpaper, yellow fish cooked, fried Noodles mix vagatable , fried tempe, Kicker, Lombok Sauce, fresh fruit and Ice tea/Orange juice)
-19.00-19.30: After dinner then transfer to Hotel 

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner  



-07.00-08.00 : Breakfast at Hotel
-08.00-08.30 : Check out and visiting Lombok Excotic Shopping Center for Lombok t-shit design souvenir
-08.30-09.30 : Getting at Lombok Excotic Shopping Center and buy t-shirt Lombok design for your souvenir
-09.30-09.40 : Continue to Lombok Pearl Shop
-09.40-10.00 : Getting at Lombok pearl shop and see varity of original Lombok pearl and may buy for your souvenir
-10.00-10.10 : Continue to Wahana Shopping center for traditional Lombok snacks
-10.10-11.40 : Getting Wahana Shop and buy traditional Lombok snacks souvenir
-11.40-12.00:  After feeling enough for shopping of Lombok and drive to Sate Rembige Restaurant for Lunch
-12.00-13.00 : Lunch Sate Rembige Restaurant ( Menu: Stime Rice/lontong, Sate Rembige, Soup Bebalung, Tempe/tapu fried, Pelcing /Urap kangkung, Sauce, Ice tea/Orange juice/ hot tea )
-13.00-14.00: After Lunch and drive to Lombok Airport
-14.00-14.00: Reached Lombok Airport and see you bye-bye.

Meal: Breakfast & Lunch 





-Transportation Avanza/Innova/Hiace/Elf/Bus full AC
-Tour Guide ( If participant Tour 2-6 persons will use driver guide )
-Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as program mentioned above 
-Tea/Coffe at lunch and dinner time 
-Boat Gili Nanggu and snorkeling Gear + Life Jacket
-Mineral water per day on tour 
-All entrance fee 
-Tax and service 



-Flight Ticket, Laundry, Tip guide, Souvenir, and personal account.



- Booking packages must be well in advance 2-3 months before arrival must be booked and can be directly sent by email / by phone / WhatsApp
- To secure a booking or package order, you must provide a down payment (DP) 50% of the total price to be paid as a sign of seriousness and will use our travel services.
- After we receive the down payment (DP) for the tour, you will be sent a Tour Payment Receipt as well as Hotel Vouchers, & Tour Vouchers
- The 2nd payment of 25% must be made 1 month before arrival / At least 3 weeks before arrival
- Settlement payment of 25% can be paid upon arrival in Lombok for the safety of both parties.
- Every transaction administration is borne by the sender/participant who will pay for the tour.



- If the cancellation occurs 1 week (7 days) after booking, the down payment (DP) will be refunded 100% of the DP payment that has been made.
- If the cancellation occurs 2-3 weeks (14-21 days) after booking, the down payment (DP) will be returned 100% with a note that the travel party will coordinate with the team, hotel, transport etc involved in the booking component.
- If the cancellation occurs 1 month (30 days) after booking, the down payment (DP) will be returned according to the discussion of both parties (Customer & Travel Agent) and mutual agreement.



Then payment method there are two way through Bank Company transfer as following detail :



- Benafitciary name: PT. Lombok Traveling Tours 
- Account Number   : 1610010424716
- Swif Code              : BMRIIDJA
- Bank Name            : Bank Mandiri
- Address                 : Jln. Aa Gde Ngurah, Cakranegara Tim. Kec. Mataram, Kota Mataram, NTB 83231



- Beneficiary name : PT. Lombok Traveling Tours 
- Account Number  : 0569000507
-Bank Name            : BCA, PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk
-Swift Code             : CENAIDJA
-Bank Address        : Jln. Pejanggik 67 Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara- ZIP Code 83231,




CALL/WA: +6282266430599


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